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HEIL HINDU!    .                          159
His sharpest comments were reserved for the account of the
interview with himself in which he gave a message to the world.
He suggested that this was a tissue of untruths. fi/ do not remem-
ber having given the message Miss Mayo, imputes to me, and the
only one present who took any notes at the time has no recollection
of the message imputed to me.'
Unfortunately—most unfortunately for the Hindu George
Washington—irrefutable documentary evidence exists to prove
that this message which Gandhi and his associates so suddenly
and so conveniently forgot, was not only given, but revised and
approved by Gandhi himself, typed by his secretary, signed by
himself, and dispatched to the authoress with a covering letter...
beginning, ironically enough, 'Dear Friend/
All this—we are asked- to believe—Gandhi kforgot.3 Well*
well,. .that may be the case. But surety so convenient a lapsus
memoriae somewhat invalidates his claim for the Washington
stakes ?*
In cThe Drain Inspector's Report,' which is really a museum
piece for the student of the Gandhi version of 'Truth/ he com-
mitted himself to a great many more...shall we say..."mis-
statements/ He not only challenged Miss Mayo, he challenged
history itself. One of Miss Mayo's most moving passages described
an ovation given to the Prince of Wales, on his arrival in Bombay.
The whole Press, not only of India but of Britain and the U.S., was
plastered with pictures and accounts of this ovation, which was so
spectacular that it made a first class news-story. Here is how the
Times of India—hardly an. irresponsible journal, and one of the
three papers which Gandhi reads every day—described the events :
4 The police were almost helpless ; they could not keep back the
crowds which surged forward to get a closer glimpse of the Prince.
Traffic regulations went to the win,ds. The crowds surrounded his
car and cheered.. .such cheering as has never been heard in
Bombay before. Even the wearers of Gandhi caps took them off
1 A photograph of this damning letter, signed by Gandhi, is reproduced in After
Mother lndiat p. 29. Hem is the author's account: * At Mr. Gandhi's request, delivered
by one of his attendants at the close of the interview, the notes of his message,
having been typed out in full, were sent back to Mr. Gandhi for revision and ampli-
fication. In due course Miss Mayo received back an approved typescript which Mr-
Oandhi had caused to be retyped, together with his covering letter,*